Our figures 🔢

More than 40 markets served 🌍
Over 60 years of expertise in hydraulics ⌛
More than 500 customers 🤝
Over 1500 codes in our portfolio 🔎
About 400000 Kwh produced by our photovoltaic panels in 3 years 🍃

➡ This is us ⬅


ISO 9001 : 2015 ✔🎓📜

ISO 9001 requires every three years the renewal of the certificate.

In this regard, in May 2022, we received the inspection visit from the certifying body which validated our Quality Management System.

Our procedures guarantee customers and stakeholders our commitment to meet their needs, thanks to clear and documented processes.

Strategy, planning and control: once again, for 15 years, we have confirmed our competence.


? Injection moulding machine

2022 full of news and investments for Miselli Srl.
Yesterday new Zhafir Zeres Series III Europe Pack 120 tons arrived, replacing a Mir 80 Ton from the early 2000s.

This new injection molding machine is partially electric. Main movements such as mold and injection are electric, side axes such as nozzle movement, core puller and ejector are servo-hydraulic. This therefore allows not only greater efficiency but also significant energy savings.

Part of Industry 4.0 plan, this new machine allows us to increase our production capacity as well as complete integration with our management and control systems.



A Latin phrase to explain one of our greatest strengths ?

Most of our products can be widly customized, both in terms of materials and colors, but also concerning the accessories as gaskets and dipsticks.

But not only that ❕ One of the elements we are mostly proud of (and the one honestly we are most excited about), is the possibility of supply FULLY customized plastic items?

Thanks to our know-how, we design the article together, in order to best project the mold for our injection molding machines ⚙

Ad hoc ?

Our skills to fulfill your needs creating new products and new solutions together ?


Not only photovoltaic panels?

Environmental protection is part of our corporate mission: we are always careful to concretely decline this priority on our everyday life.

This is why we enthusiastically joined #Biketowork: a project that aims to encourage active travel on home-work journeys and thus discourage the use of private cars.

⬇ Co2 produced
⬆ Clean air
➕ Fitness
? Let’s Ride!


MISELLI Art ? Plastic protections

The complete range for your products to be used during painting ? packaging ? and transport ?

Protections for smooth and threaded holes, pipe ends, shaft protection caps, quick cupling plugs and caps.

In this context, we are able to do our best even for extra-range needs.

All the details HERE!


MISELLI Art ? Metal plugs and breathers

Not only plastic accessories: in order to meet every need of our customers we have expanded our range including metal products, suitable for more critical applications.

We can supply breathers with filter or valve, filler and drain plugs, magnets for cleaning oil inside the tank, filters with strainer.

Would you like to know more?
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