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Plugs, breathers and dipsticks made in plastic



CTR - immagine

-Filler breather with strainer basket for tank-top installation. Assembly contains 3 parts:
-Top cap with breather made from Polyamide 66, black colour. Contained in the cap is the filter made out of Polyurethane, with a Micron rating of 50 microns. The cap has an internal thread and screws onto the main body, located in the tank.
-Main body manufactured from technopolymer black contains threaded lockin ring and inside locking ring. The main body is placed in a pre-drilled hole ( 55 mm. min.,max 55,3 mm. diameter) in the top of the reservoir.
The wall thickness must not exceed 8 mm. and not be less than 2 mm.
With this filler breather drilling and tapping of mounting holes is not needed.
A safety chain is available, which connects the cap to the body, preventing misplacement of cap when removed.
-Strainer basket material : Polypropilene, colored black, max operating temperature 80°C/176F.
-Seal between tank and main body : O-Ring 70 shore
-Airflow capacity at a pressure of 50 mbar (0,73 psi) = 300 liters/minute