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The competitive advantage of Miselli srl is the ability to offer a complete, innovative and customizable product range. This means a constant study of the new needs of the industry, trying to extend the portfolio of the codes treated.

For this reasons, Miselli Srl has shown, for the first time, at the Fair Motion, Drive & Automation in Hannover, its new catalogue 2017: the main news is the series of vertical level indicators with  electric sensor for controlling the hydraulic fluid level and / or the maximum temperature.

 The range is composed by the model XL, with center-to-center distance 127 mm and the XLV model XLV with customizable lenght. For each of the two models, three versions:

- SL, with float element made of technopolymer containing a magnetic element that activates the electric contact when it reaches the minimum level preset.

- ST, with maximum temperature electrical sensor (with different calibration options from 60 ° to 80 °)

- SL-ST, that join together the two versions.

These level indicators find their best application in medium/large hydraulic units, where an accurate and constant oil level control is required for the proper functioning of the hydraulic system.

The strength of these new products is the same of the other products in Miselli catalogue: a strong focus on the quality of raw materials and production techniques, putting in the center the customer’s needs.

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